modular, industry independent, measurement and testing software

Quality assurance in the running production or in the test laboratory is varied, special, complex and must be flexible for the requirements of industry 4.0. Measurement and testing have a central role to play here. With the measurement software Comquass 4.0, NEST Electronics offers an industry-independent software platform for measuring, documenting and managing measurement tasks. Comquass 4.0 is based on the newest software technologies and can be easily adapted to special measuring and testing tasks due to its modular structure.

Comquass 4.0

  • Industry independent software
  • Easy configuration of measuring stations
  • Comprehensive formulary for computing measured data
  • Configurable and synoptic data visualization
  • Documentation of measured data
  • Export of data to multiple database providers

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Machine tool industry
  • Electronic manufactoring industry
  • Medical production measurement
  • Optical industry

Basic features

  • Configuration of measurement station via XML
  • Target data via Excel – File
  • Control chart
  • Configurable bar display with target-actual comparison
  • Standard set of formulas for data computing
  • Data storage in XML format

Optional features

  • Advanced formula set
  • SQL data upload
  • QDAS data export
  • Cloud support (AWS, Azure)
  • Process flags
  • Measurement feedback (serial / network)
  • PLC Interface
  • Interface for barcode / datamatrix reader

Open for special requirements

  • Measurement of complex forms e.g. ovality or skirt forms
  • System control of entire measuring machines (process and measurement)

Traceability of components is an important factor in certified companies, but means a lot of effort. Comquass 4.0 reduces this effort to a minimum. Comquass has an integrated recognition of 2D codes (DataMatrix, QRCode, etc.), so that a continuous documentation of your production is possible. Comquass also has several possibilities for documentation. The measured characteristics can be stored as XML data or directly in an SQL database. There is also an option to export to the QDAS world.

The Comquass Web Interface provides an ASP.NET based application for the analysis and evaluation of the measured values, which makes it possible to access the quality assurance data in real time from anywhere.

Simple adaptation of the software to measuring stations and the existing IT infrastructure due to the modular structure.

Individual adaptations for most applications possible. Just ask us.