industrial quality assurance (QA) for measuring and testing tasks from manual measuring stations to fully automatic measuring stations


industrial quality assurance - from measurement data acquisition to measurement data evaluation/measurement data analysis

Comquass 4.0 and EBIS IoT measuring interfaces form the basis for unlimited measuring and testing tasks, independent of the industry and the measuring equipment used. The optimally coordinated solution enables efficient use at simple manual measuring stations as well as at fully automated measuring machines in production.

Measurement value feedback in production, ensuring traceability or providing measurement data for production control and statistical processing, our solutions are perfectly matched to the requirements of industry 4.0.


from manual measuring station to fully automated measuring machine
Handmessplatz zur Qualitätssicherung in der Fertigung.

Hand measuring station


  • 100% or sample measurement
  • Diameter, geometry, etc.
  • Manual loading and handling by the operator
  • Data transfer by the operator (key/foot switch)
  • Documentation of measurement data
  • Control chart

Semi-automatic measuring station


  • 100% or sample measurement
  • Measurement of several characteristics
  • Manual loading and handling by the operator
  • Automatic data acquisition
  • Column display with target/actual comparison
  • Documentation of measurement data
  • Control chart
  • Measurement feedback
Qualitätssicherung mittels Messmaschine in laufender Produktion

Fully automatic measuring station


  • 100% measurement
  • Measurement of several characteristics of different production machines
  • Automated data acquisition
  • Fully integrated into the production automation system
  • Column display with target/actual comparison
  • Documentation of measurement data
  • Control chart
  • Measurement feedback


Comquass 4.0

Comquass 4.0 is an industry-independent software package for quality assurance. Comquass provides a perfect solution from the acquisition of measurement data and the calculation of derived characteristics to evaluation and further processing, regardless of the quantities to be measured.

The modular concept enables efficient use from a simple manual measuring station to fully automated 100% measurement and control of complex test processes.

  • Flexible configuration
  • Extensive measuring equipment catalogue
  • Capture of complex characteristics
  • Universal export functions

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EBIS IoT Devices

EBIS IoT Devices offer a variety of interfaces for data acquisition and industrial measurement of analog and digital quantities, as well as for the acquisition of measuring probes, rotary encoders, angle/length encoders. EBIS modules are used in quality assurance, in predictable maintenance, as well as for the control of complete machines and processes. Network-based communication enables simple integration into existing IT infrastructure and direct transmission of measurement data to the cloud.

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Quality control - Measurement - Testing

software and measurement electronics from a single source


NEST Electronics GmbH - Lösungen zur Qualitätssicherung für die Industrie

With individual developments we increase the productivity of our customers and give them the competitive advantage they need for their success.

NEST Electronics GmbH was founded in 1992 and develops sophisticated solutions in the field of measurement and control technology.

Many years of experience in the field of industrial measurement technology and continuous further development guarantee optimum solutions for all quality assurance requirements in ongoing production.

The products for measurement data acquisition and evaluation are used by our customers in the areas of mechanical engineering, special mechanical engineering and automotive in 24/7 operation. The application possibilities are industry-independent and thus also suitable, for example, in the fields of plastics technology, additive production, wood technology, aerospace or in the laboratory.

The basis for a successful cooperation is the high product quality, long-term product availability and consistent, future-oriented adjustments - keyword industry 4.0.

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