Messmodul zur Erfassung von 16 Induktivmesstastern


The EBIS-TF16 system of the EBIS IoT product family enables the connection and evaluation of inductive sensors. In addition to the standard features of the EBIS product series, the EBIS-TF16 unit has 16 half-bridge or 16 LVDT interfaces. Furthermore to the sen-sor data acquisition, the system provides a trigger input (e.g. for footswitch) or 4 additional independent ADC-Channels (X3 Option). Due to the available versions and configuration options, a wide range of different sensors can be used and thus a wide variety of applications can be realized.

Interface box for measurement data acquisition of inductive sensors. Up to 16 inductive probes (e.g. TESA probes) can be acquired simultaneously via 16 interfaces half bridge or LVDT.

Technical Characteristics

General Specifications

Power supply
Nominal voltage24V DC
Voltage supply18V – 30V DC
Connector (X1)3-pin. M16 male connector
IP-Adresse192.168.0.17x (configurable)
Connector (X2)Standard RJ45 connector (optional: IP68)
Aluminium desktop housingoptional: DIN rail adapter
Dimensions (mm)224 x 150 x 60
Communication interfaces
.NET library
Web interfaceConfiguration, Firmware update, etc.
Cloud SupportMQTT, Azure, AWS
Safety features
Status LEDsPower supply, network status, error
Encryption protocolTLS

EBIS-TF16 Specifications

Number of connectors16 (no Multiplexing)
Connectors (1-16)5-pin. M18 circular female connector
Sensor typeHalf-Bridge or LVDT
TypeSingle-Ended or differential
Output frequencyUp to 20 kHz
Output amplitudeUp to 20 VPP
Features: internal filters, temperature compensation,
programmable output frequency and amplitude
Inputs ADC (X3 Option)
Inputs ADC (X3 Option)4 (no Multiplexing)
Input voltage± 10V (common reference voltage)
Input impedanceCa. 560 kOhm

Specification depends on version


TypeDescriptionOder number
EBIS-TF16(HB)– 16 x Interface Half-Bridge
– X3: Trigger-Input for e.g. footswitch
EBIS-TF16(HB/ADC)– 16 x Interface Half-Bridge
– X3: 4 independent ADC-Channels
EBIS-TF16(LVDT) – 16 x Interface LVDT
– X3: Trigger-Input for e.g. footswitch
EBIS-TF16(LVDT/ADC) – 16 x Interface LVDT
– X3: 4 independent ADC-Channels


  • Automotive industry
  • Machine tool industry
  • Medical production measurement
  • Optical industry