Interface zur Erfassung induktiver Messdaten


The EBIS-TF8 system of the EBIS IoT product family enables the connection and evaluation of inductive sensors. In addition to the standard features of the EBIS product series, the EBIS-TF8 unit has 8 half-bridge or 8 LVDT interfaces. Furthermore to the sensor data acquisition, the system provides a trigger input (e.g. for footswitch) or 4 additional independent ADC-Channels (X3 Option). Due to the available versions and configuration options, a wide range of different sensors can be used and thus a wide variety of applications can be realized.

Interface box for measurement data acquisition of inductive sensors. Via 8 interfaces half bridge or LVDT up to 8 inductive probes (e.g. TESA probes) can be acquired simultaneously.

Technical Characteristics

General Specifications

Power supply
Nominal voltage24V DC
Voltage supply18V – 30V DC
Connector (X1)3-pin. M16 male connector
IP-Adresse192.168.0.17x (configurable)
Connector (X2)Standard RJ45 connector (optional: IP68)
Aluminium desktop housingoptional: DIN rail adapter
Dimensions (mm)224 x 150 x 60
Communication interfaces
.NET library
Web interfaceConfiguration, Firmware update, etc.
Cloud SupportMQTT, Azure, AWS
Safety features
Status LEDsPower supply, network status, error
Encryption protocolTLS

EBIS-TF8 Specifications

Number of connectors8 (no Multiplexing)
Connectors (1-8)5-pin. M18 circular female connector
Sensor typeHalf-Bridge or LVDT
TypeSingle-Ended or differential
Output frequencyUp to 20 kHz
Output amplitudeUp to 20 VPP
Features: internal filters, temperature compensation,
programmable output frequency and amplitude
Inputs ADC (X3 Option)
Inputs ADC (X3 Option)4 (no Multiplexing)
Input voltage± 10V (common reference voltage)
Input impedanceCa. 560 kOhm

Specification depends on version


TypeDescriptionOder number
EBIS-TF8(HB)– 8 x Interface Half-Bridge
– X3: Trigger-Input for e.g. footswitch
EBIS-TF8(HB/ADC)– 8 x Interface Half-Bridge
– X3: 4 independent ADC-Channels
EBIS-TF8(LVDT) – 8 x Interface LVDT
– X3: Trigger-Input for e.g. footswitch
EBIS-TF8(LVDT/ADC) – 8 x Interface LVDT
– X3: 4 independent ADC-Channels


  • Automotive industry
  • Machine tool industry
  • Medical production measurement
  • Optical industry